Sunday, September 25, 2011

what not to do with liquid light

Liquid Light is like Jell-o. Light-sensitive Jell-o. Jell-o that you paint on paper or pottery or china or masks or eggs or probably even skin (don't; I'm pretty sure it's not good for you) and use to make photos.

You could also put it on eggs.

Or rocks.

Or wood.

Pretty much anything really. Not your cat. Even if your cat is patient enough to let you try. (If your cat is patient enough to let you try, you should probably look into getting your cat on TV because your cat is a very special animal.)

So you get this black bottle in the mail from Amazon or Freestyle or Adorama. To get it out of the bottle, you need to heat it up, because Jell-o is not pourable.

Do: sit your bottle of Liquid Light in a hot water bath to transform it from wobbly-but-solid to gloopy-but-liquid.

DO NOT: unless you're heating your Liquid Light in a darkroom with a safelight, do not open the bottle of light-sensitive material to see how that's going.

Just saying.

(No, I didn't, actually. But it was thisclose.)

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