Wednesday, September 28, 2011

rafa nadal and liquid light

I went to the Miami Open this year, and was lucky enough to see Rafa Nadal practicing. There was a lot of skulking and stalking that led up to this happy event, and a lot of standing around in the hot hot sun with a chain link fence imprinting itself into my pelvis as 20,000 avid Rafa fans tried to get closer to him by slowly crushing me to death. Totally worth it.

I did not manage to get an autograph as he left without signing when Roger Federer showed up, but that was fine, because ROGER FEDERER. I did, however, get some photos.

Today I printed Rafa for the first time, and with Liquid Light for the first time. Here is the result, lying on a drying screen. Not bad.

Coating needs to be more thorough, maybe. Here is my second attempt, with a great gaping hole where either I failed to paint on any Liquid Light at all or some of it peeled off, like a massive sunburn on a tennis player's nose. 

Showed it to a friend and got a request for one of "Rafa's fanny"... I'll see what I can do.

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